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Virus Removal:
iruses are frustrating and nerve-racking.  We will remove most viruses from your computer and get rid of your "virus-headache".

Is the computer running slower than you would like?  Programs not opening as fast as they used to?  It might be time to add some more memory, or install a larger hard drive,  perhaps purchase a more up-to-date PC?


Do you have a scanner still sitting in the box?  A digital camera that needs to be installed?  A PC that needs to be set up?  Maybe you don't have the time or just don't have the patience or know-how....we can help.

Network Set-up:

Networking is a great idea for the household or office with more than one computer.  A great way to share files, printers and the internet.  The set-up is clean, easy and requires no wires.

We will work with you to build a computer/server to fit your needs.  No job is too small or too big.

Is your PC running a bit too slow?  Are you getting errors more often then usual? Is the hard drive making noise?  Is the monitor on the fritz? Computer not turning on?  Disk stuck in the CD-rom drive? We are here to help.

Web Design:
We will design a web site to best fit your needs.  Simple or detailed, for your business or just for fun.

We will work at your pace.  One-on-One lessons with a patient and knowledgeable tutor.  We can help you learn to search the web or use a current program.  Desk tops, lap tops or hand held computers...we will help give you the knowledge you need to feel comfortable with your device.